II have no other but a woman’s reason :

I think him so, because I think him so.

William Shakespeare fromThe Two Gentlemen of Verona

In the beginning there was pataphysiques

This site is roughly divided into the following five themes.

1 Consideration and practice of pataphysiques, the source of inspiration that determines the purpose of this site.

2 Experimental output through visual expression that starts with just tryin

3 A collection of textual expressions using only words, rooted in a unique interpretation of poetry

 Expression through sounds and images that directly appeal to the five senses.

5 Partial output articles about all kinds of concerns (inputs) that are their sources.

With the above content, I call it Pataphysique Dandyism here. It does not mean that it is special for just one thing, nor does it mean that it applies equally to all expressions. Although they each take independent forms of expression, there are common points and, of course, overlapping themes. Basically, it’s just a little distorted, but it’s a grand and strange avant-pop amusement park. At first glance, pataphysiques and dandyism may seem incompatible. However, I believe that the encounter and combination of these incompatible things is the driving force for maintaining a perfect balance, stimulating each other and creating new and interesting things. Therefore, it is a thought that Lopyu has experienced and matured repeatedly, and it is transmitted here as a one-and-only world that is not imitated by anyone. However, I don’t want to have preconceived notions, but I leave the interpretation up to the viewer. There is nothing high-handed and lofty here that the pope of Dada, André Breton, once proclaimed Surrealism. I don’t want to lose a pure and noble soul like Taro Okamoto, who loudly proclaimed, “Have poison in yourself.” Yes, that’s all I want to say.

LopyuChannel program






Creative activities that lead to the next

It was about 20 years ago that the concept of “Leaupure’s science fiction laboratory” was first launched, and the content of this site itself is based on that time. It is, so to speak, a reconstruction of it. Using literature, poetry, art, sound, visuals, and language to create a single form of expression, openly exposing these activities through the new medium of expression, the Internet, is completely different from simply making things. Something else. I understand that it involves a different effort, so to speak. SNS was not as active as it is now, and web media was still in its infancy. However, over time, the stance will change slightly. Flexible in a good sense and sloppy in a bad sense. For me, this is an archive, but I’ve been thinking of it as something more than that. Smartly speaking, it should be said that it adds sophistication, or uncouthly speaking, it should be called defiant.

There is a good reason why the blank occurred. For me no longer felt the meaning of what I was doing. For almost two years, I wrote a daily blog post and enriched this content, and although I was initially very happy with the site, I began to doubt it. Is this just a self-satisfaction thing that doesn’t resonate with anyone? “Is there any point in repeating such training?” In short, it is idle. The emptiness of art supremacy. Or perhaps it should be said that I ran into the truth that no matter how many difficult concepts I presented, people would not easily resonate and sympathize with me. Of course, I’m not doing it for anyone, and it’s different from the fact that others can understand the expression of my soul. So I didn’t pay much attention to it. However, from there, while thinking about various things, I decided to stop the activity itself for a while. It wasn’t just a slump, but in retrospect, it might have been a crossroads in my life that made me question my very existence.

However, as time passed, I was finally released from that kind of gloomy darkness, reconfirmed my own path, and reached this point. After all, I was able to convince myself that I was an irreplaceable, one-of-a-kind existence, and that it was no longer unshakable. However, if there is the air of the times, there are also trends. Be sensitive to such signs, but do not be shaken. What is different from before is that the expression is not everything. How can I get into someone else’s mind? what do people want? I was able to give some leeway to pay attention to things like how to show it and whether there was room for entertainment. It’s sweet that we should disseminate this expression as a communication tool that interacts with people, rather than pandering or deception, but somewhere there is a life-size utopian idea that has been grounded. It will begin to sprout.

In all honesty, personal output knows no bounds. It’s the same thing as craftsmen working hard day by day to make traditional products. The only difference is individuality, and in the end it’s just a matter of concept. But I want to go even further. I want to grow and polish my soul. I want to continue to affirm that as the joy of life. Above all, I want to acquire a true ego. From now on, while expanding my possibilities, if I can share my sense of values with as many people as possible while engaging with various unknown talents, thoughts, and possibilities, I will grow into a more fulfilling form of expression. I think I’m going. That is the very meaning of life. The time was ripe.